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Maintenance is key: staying in-repair and current allows for a more efficient work environment and prevents future expenses.

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Infrared Thermal Imaging

Infrared Thermal Imaging allows us to determine things that other companies cannot: what transformer is soon to overheat? Why is my freezer having so much difficulty maintaining its temperature? How much of a resource is left?

Ekmark Electric's Infrared Thermal Imaging services allow us to assist you in determinig all these things and more. Not only is it accurate, but it takes less time than any traditional method of troubleshooting.

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Construction Services

Ekmark Electric has been around for 30 years, giving us the resources and personnel required to make your construction go smoothly. Get a project started with confidence by choosing us.

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We understand that communication is everything. That's why we're available - 24/7. Whether it's an emergency and you want us there within 2 hours guaranteed, or you want to just ask us a few questions about our services and pricing, Ekmark Electric is available to you.

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St. Jude's Kay Kafe
St. Jude's Kay Kafe with lighting by Ekmark.


Your employees have been very professional and corporative. We look forward to working with you and your company on future projects.

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